Following last summer's release of the Fishers Island Lemonade’s line extensions, the craft lemonade canned cocktail brand announced the launch of Fishers Variety eight-pack, which includes three of the brand's award-winning flavors: four cans of Fishers Island Lemonade Original 9%, two cans of Fishers Spiked Tea 7% and two cans of Fishers Pink Flamingo 7%.

Launched in 2014 by female founder Bronya Shillo, Fishers Island Lemonade emerged while Shillo was working as a bartender at the Pequot Inn on Fishers Island, N.Y. It was there that she had the visionary idea to package the signature house cocktail into a can, allowing fans to conveniently take the flavorful cocktail with them to enjoy wherever that may be. Fishers Island Lemonade is also furthering its distribution footprint, expanding into Florida and South Carolina, and will be available at retailers, restaurants and bars in time for Memorial Day. Fishers Island Lemonade is now sold in 14 states, on Drizly and direct-to-consumer at

“We have received overwhelming love for the expanded flavor line and are excited to now offer our three most popular flavors for fans to purchase together and share with friends,” said Founder Bronya Shillo in a statement. “Fishers Island Lemonade was founded with the mission of creating the best tasting, highest quality canned cocktails in the United States. We are excited to share this new variety pack with current fans and new customers looking to enjoy a full-flavor premium canned cocktail experience that fits their active, outdoor, social lifestyle.”

The complete Fishers Island Lemonade portfolio is gluten-free and available direct-to-consumer across the United States and on Drizly in Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Vermont. The Variety eight-pack has a suggested retail price of $26.99.