For the regular readers of this column, you might be over my love poem to cold-brew coffee. But until my kids are grown and on their own, I have a feeling there will be many more opportunities for me to lean into how much I rely on coffee to function. Based on an annual study commissioned by the National Coffee Association (NCA), I’m not alone when it comes to coffee consumption.

In the most recent “Atlas of American Coffee,” 65% of American survey-respondents reported having drank coffee in the past day ― more than any other beverage.

Commissioned by the NCA since 1950 and now updated twice yearly, the National Coffee Data Trends (NCDT) report is the longest-running study of American consumers’ coffee drinking patterns, the association notes.

The NCDT notes that since January 2020, past-day coffee consumptions by those aged 40-59 has increased 6%; meanwhile the incidence was up nearly 5% for those aged 25-39. Those 60 and older saw an increase of 1.5% while past-day coffee consumption was stable with those 18-24 years old.

“Coffee’s continuing reign as America’s favorite beverage is great news for coffee drinkers and our economy,” said William “Bill” Murray, NCA president and CEO, in a statement. “Coffee remains a mainstay in Americans’ daily routines, supports businesses and workers in every state, and is associated with multiple unique health benefits.”

An unsurprising but interesting point in the report is the rise in past-day coffee consumption at home. Eighty-three percent of respondents reported at-home consumption, which is 4% higher than in January 2020. Although the report is showing a higher away-from-home coffee consumption rate (35%) compared with the low in January 2021 (31%), this still is six percentage points away from the pre-pandemic levels with 41% reporting as much in January 2020. 

The NCDT also offered insights into the preparation method that consumers are utilizing for coffee. Drip coffee maker machines were used by 41% of past-day coffee drinkers. Next most popular was single-cup brewers at 28% with cold brewing (11%) and espresso machines (9%) rounding out the Top 4. 

With consumers still drinking their coffee by-and-large at home but also looking to elevate that experience, companies are actively developing machinery that can support those needs.


Peace Coffee Compostable EcoPod
Image courtesy of Peace Coffee


For example, JURA Inc. released its JURA E6, which brews classic black coffee specialties but also features its innovative Easy Cappuccino function. Equipped with 2.8-inch color display, users can prepare café quality coffee, with 11 beverage choices, including an espresso or an espresso macchiato, the company says. The machine also supports customization by choosing from 10 programmable coffee strength intensity levels, three programmable temperature settings as well as adjustable coffee strength, the company adds.

The coffee market also is addressing consumers’ sustainability concerns when it comes to their coffee consumption. Peace Coffee recently introduced its compostable EcoPods. These single-cup pods are made with plant-based material, making them 100% biodegradable in industrial compost facilities, the company says. Designed for use with Keurig machines, the pods are available in Peace’s Birchwood and Tree Hugger blends.

Given the fact that coffee consumption at home will continue to thrive, it’s exciting to see manufacturers taking the steps to deliver on the points that consumers today want.