Horse Neck, a brand of Firsty Thursday LLC, announced the launch of its premium, ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktails featuring Kentucky Straight Bourbon in four unique flavors.

Made with real juice, natural ingredients and no added sugar, Horse Neck drinks contain a 9% ABV. The flavors include Bourbon Ginger Ale, Bourbon Cherry Rye, Bourbon La Paloma and Bourbon Mule Spice. Each flavor is a distinctive original recipe offering something for every taste palette, it says.

“Horse Neck is a fantastic drink for those wanting something different in a RTD cocktail beverage,” said Horse Neck Co-founder Kurt Baxter, in a statement. “From the rich caramel flavor of aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon to the unique flavor profiles made with clean, natural ingredients, Horse Neck really stands out in the premium spirit-based RTD market. Horse Neck is a drink not only created for those who love Bourbon, but Horse Neck is also a delightful option for those tired of overly-fruity malt seltzers or too-sweet cocktail beverages.”

Horse Neck is launching this spring, it says.

Packaged in 12-ounce slim cans, Horse Neck will be available to purchase direct-to-consumer in four-pack boxes, including a variety pack by visiting the company’s website.