Starco Brands announced that Whipshots, an innovative vodka-infused whipped cream, has teamed up with veteran sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer to release a multi-video creative campaign titled “Shots of Pleasure.”

The campaign aims to provide couples amusing tips on how they can spice up their Valentine's Day, including using Whipshots as an addition to any intimate activity, the company says. The 94-year-old sex therapist shares her tips and tricks to whip things up in the bedroom this season, it adds.

“Dr. Ruth is a world-renowned icon in the sexual wellness space, and we’re honored to collaborate with her on such a fun and creative campaign,” said David Dreyer, chief marketing officer of Starco Brands, in a statement. “‘Shots of Pleasure’ was developed to demonstrate the versatility that Whipshots brings to all facets of the Valentine’s Day experience, and Dr. Ruth brings her hilariously candid advice and expertise to the campaign that’s incredibly authentic to the brand.”

The campaign, from Los Angeles-based creative agency The Woo, launches with a teaser video followed by several 10-15 second long videos leading up to Valentine’s Day, in which Dr. Ruth will share her many secrets to reinvigorating relationships.

Dr. Westheimer, a German-American sex therapist, media personality, author and professor, has been speaking on sex and sexuality for more than 40 years with her top-rated radio show, “Sexually Speaking,” and TV show, “The Dr. Ruth Show.”

Whipshots entered the market in December 2021 in partnership with global artist Cardi B, launching the vodka-infused whipped cream with a 10% ABV that does not require refrigeration, it notes. Available in three flavors — Vanilla, Mocha and Caramel — Whipshots can be found in more than 10,000 retail locations, as well as online at through its fulfillment partner Spirits Network.