Simply, a brand of Atlanta-based The Coca-Cola Co., will expand its portfolio with the brand’s first-of-its-kind mixology assortment: Simply Mixology. The new lineup is a nod to the growing demand for elevated chilled beverages in the mixers category as noted in Chicago-based Mintel’s 2022 insights titled A Year of Innovation on RTD, Wine and Spirits. This is coupled with the increasing popularity of the sober curious movement and Dry January.

Beginning Jan. 23, Simply Mixology will be available in three flavor ― Strawberry Guava Mojito, Lime Margarita and Peach Sour ― which were carefully selected based on consumer and industry trends.

Strawberry Guava Mojito was crafted with an abundance of flavor for a refreshing and fruity sip with a hint of mint, the company says. Citing Mintel’s Trending Flavors and Ingredients in Alcoholic Beverages 2021, the company notes that mint alcoholic beverage flavors grew exponentially in the past year.

Lime Margarita is a classic Margarita-style experience so good that you can almost taste the salt on the rim, the company says. Margaritas are the No. 1 preferred cocktail when ordering out, the company explains, citing Mintel's Trending Flavors and Ingredients in Alcohol, 2021.

Peach Sour features a sweet peach taste paired with a hint of sour and warming spices for the on-trend mixologists in your home. The company notes that Whiskey Sour cocktail searches have more than doubled in the past five years, citing Google Trends for the five years of February 2017 to February 2022.

Packaged in 52-ounce bottles at select grocery stores nationwide including Shoprite, ALBS, Meijer and more, Simply Mixology feature a QR code that consumers can scan on the bottle for recipes to create in the comfort of their own home. The company adds that Simply Mixology turns any at-home moment into a special and simple occasion to cheers to, with or without alcohol.