Austin Eastciders announced the launch of Austin Eastciders Imperial Gold Cider, a new indulgent and high impact cider featuring crisp, bold flavor and 8.3% ABV, it says.

Imperial Gold is the first release of the craft cidery’s Imperial Cider line, with more flavors expected to be released this year, the company notes. This latest offering is a bold tribute to its classic Original Dry cider, it says.

Created from Austin Eastciders’ apple cider base, including a unique blend of bittersweet apples from Normandy and Brittany, France, and culinary apples sourced from the Pacific Northwest, Imperial Gold is finished with a blend of unfiltered apple juice from the Pacific Northwest, including a hand-selected balance of Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith and Honeycrisp apples, the company says.

“Our team was inspired by our company history. We wanted to provide a product that is bold in flavor, packs a high-ABV punch, and delicious, while staying true to our strength — making great cider,” said Erika Guin, quality systems and product development manager at Austin Eastciders, in a statement. “Imperial Gold has the body and flavor complexity characteristic of bittersweet apple ciders with a hint of sweetness and flavor depth from unfiltered apple juice — a great counterpart to our Original Dry Cider at 5% ABV and Texas Brut Light Cider at 4.2% ABV.”

Packaged in 12-ounce cans, Imperial Gold is available to purchase in four-packs in several states, including Texas, New York, Maryland/Washington, D.C. and more. Single cans can be purchased at major retailers including HEB, Kroger, Target and Whole Foods, and on draft across bars and restaurants.