Armada, Mich.-based Blake’s Hard Cider (BHC) recently added American Apple to its portfolio of core hard ciders. The semi-sweet craft cider is an imperial style, the first of its kind at BHC.

The base of American Apple is fresh-pressed apple cider, made from various apples. Then, a wine yeast is added in for a clean, crisp finish, the company says. Because imperial ciders require longer periods of fermentation, the result is higher alcohol by volume (ABV). Most ciders from BHC average between 4-7% ABV, while American Apple comes in at 8% ABV.

“When our team set out to create American Apple, we knew we wanted to make an imperial-style hard cider, a style widely known in the beer world but just emerging in hard ciders, that would push our own boundaries when it came to the mix of apples, developing their natural sugars and the right fermentation process,” said Matt Wiles, technical operations director for BHC, in a statement. “Our ciders always begin with a 100% pure apple cider base and, for American Apple, the result is a full-bodied profile with high alcohol content.”

American Apple is available in six-packs of 12-ounce cans throughout BHC’s 26-state footprint. The imperial hard cider is one of the many fall releases from BHC. Seasonal favorites like Caramel Apple and Apple Lantern also are available now.