Los Angeles-based HOP WTR, a non-alcohol beverage company, announced its commitment to helping fans ditch the booze this January with the launch of the HOP LOCKR.

With more people choosing to take part in “Dry January” each year, the HOP LOCKR will keep temptation at bay by keeping booze locked up until Feb. 1, so those participating can achieve their “Dry January” goals, the company says.  With a locker to keep your booze out of sight and a month's supply of HOP WTR's guilt-free, booze-free brews, you'll never have to worry about passing up on a good time with friends, it adds.

"We know it can be hard to stick with ‘Dry January’ goals and implement healthier lifestyle habits, especially after a season of holiday indulgence,” said Jordan Bass, HOP WTR co-founder and CEO, in a statement. “However, in recent years we've noticed that more people are looking to participate in ‘Dry January’ and really want to prioritize a more well-balanced lifestyle.

“HOP WTR was created to help beer lovers and the sober curious alike indulge in the refreshing taste of hops without the alcohol, calories, carbs, sugar or gluten. It's the healthier solution for when that temptation hits, which is why we wanted to deliver a month's supply of HOP WTR to provide a more beneficial alternative to help you stick to your goals,” Bass continues. “The launch of the HOP LOCKR is another step in our journey to help our fans continue to live a healthier life without having to sacrifice flavor or fun, and we look forward to crushing Dry January goals alongside our community."

To receive a HOP LOCKR and a month's supply of HOP WTR, fans can fill out the form at https://hopwtr.com/pages/hop-lockr.

Once the HOP LOCKR arrives, simply insert your booze, lock it up, and on Feb. 1, HOP WTR will send the combination to unlock the HOP LOCKR so you can celebrate the end of a successful Dry January, the company says.  Since January seems like an endless month, HOP LOCKR participants who share their “Dry January” journey with HOP WTR on Instagram and tag @hopwtr also will have the chance to receive even more gear to get them through the month and show off their commitment to staying dry, it adds.