Country Luau Spirits announced the launch of its new, lower-calorie version of the classic Shirley Temple: Dirty Shirley.

“With so many people reconnecting this holiday season, it felt like the perfect time to share something nostalgic,” said Adam Kost, founder and CEO of Country Luau Spirits, in a statement. “Shirley Temples bring back a lot of good memories for people, and our Dirty Shirley was crafted to remind them of those meaningful moments.”

Packaged in convenient cans, this modern Dirty Shirley gives the same familiar taste of the traditional cocktail with half the calories, thanks to its revamped recipe, the company says.

Dirty Shirley has no artificial flavors or additives, it notes. It’s a sessionable 5.5% ABV cocktail made with only four ingredients —11 times distilled vodka, organic cherry juice, natural flavors, and pure sparkling water, it says. This modern twist on the original recipe allows each can of Dirty Shirley to deliver the same familiar taste without the caloric high-fructose corn syrup found in grenadine, it adds.

Available to purchase in four-packs, Dirty Shirley launched in bars, restaurants and independent liquor stores across Tennessee in November, and will launch online in 32 states soon after, with plans to expand in-store to Texas, Arkansas, Florida and South Carolina in 2023, the company says.