Martinelli’s, a producer of premium 100% apple juice, now is available in a 1-liter glass bottle, delivering the same quality product in a new, convenient size.

This new, easy-to-handle 1-liter bottle is replacing the temporarily unavailable 1.5-liter apple-shaped bottle. In 2021, supply chain constraints led to major glass shortages making it necessary to find new packaging solutions.

“In upholding the company’s long history of innovation and ability to adapt to a changing world, we’ve added the 1-liter bottle to help meet growing consumer demand,” said Gun Ruder, president and CEO of S. Martinelli & Co., in a statement. “We want to assure our customers that while this new package may look slightly different, it contains the same juice they’ve been enjoying for generations.”

Throughout the company’s 154-year history, Martinelli’s has had to shift its operations several times in order to stay relevant and in business. Founded as a hard cider company in 1868, Martinelli’s quickly learned how to produce non-alcohol beverages when Prohibition went into effect. Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider soon became their flagship product. Other significant challenges that have impacted Martinelli’s production include the Depression, World Wars, fires, earthquakes and COVID-19. The pandemic created a number of global supply chain complexities making products like custom-made glass bottles nearly impossible to obtain. The Martinelli’s team is proud to offer their Gold Medal juice in this premium glass bottle that fits conveniently in refrigerators for delicious, cold refreshment throughout the day.

The new 1-liter bottles will be available nationwide this fall where Martinelli’s products are sold.