ROSS created a mixing/melting and holding tank system. The custom-designed system is the latest innovation that allows users to produce highly potent and reactive materials at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and as much as 10 psig internal pressure, the company says. Additionally, it contains an operator-friendly safety glovebox with a pressure-rated sealed enclosure. The system has two mixers that are both equipped with a two-wing anchor agitator, Teflon scrapers and jacketed 6-gallon vessel. One function serves as a mixer/melter connected to a vacuum powder loading system, while the other serves as a holding tank. Gravity feeds the finished product from the holding tank into a downstream coating machine. The mixers have the ability to be lowered into a position for maintenance and then raised to an operating height, where gravity will feed product from the melter to the holding tank, it says. A hot oil heater and chilled water cooler are supplied as well, it adds. 

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