Charles Ross & Son Co. introduced a new triple shaft mixer design with a custom discharge turnkey system capable of extruding finished product into strands. The VersaMix Model VMC-1 and Discharge System Model DS-1 are mounted on a common bench and supplied with two vessels: one for mixing and one for extrusion. The triple-shaft mixer operates with independently driven low- and high-speed agitators at a capacity of 1 to 1,000 gallons and facilitates low- and high-shear mixing at viscosities as much as 1 million centipoise, the company says. Designed for a vacuum operation, the VMC-1 features a special product charging tube for introducing minor ingredients sub-surface near two saw-tooth, high-speed saw blades. The stainless steel mixer also features jacketed vessels, an integrated vacuum pump, explosion-proof motors and touchscreen controls.

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