Charles Ross & Son Co. introduces the Model VMC VersaMix, a specialty mixer designed for temperature-critical formulations of medium to high viscosity under stringent vacuum/pressure constraints. A multi-purpose triple-shaft mixer/reactor, the VersaMix is designed for as high as 350 degrees Fahrenheit from 29.5-inch Hg vacuum to 8 psig internal pressure. Equipped with a three-wing anchor and two disperser shafts, the VMC accomplishes intense mixing, high speed dissolution, emulsification, deagglomeration and superior heat transfer in pastes, slurries, gels and suspensions up to several hundred thousand centipoise. The mixer/reactor can be supplied with explosion-proof motors for each independently-driven agitator, a built-in vacuum pump, touchscreen controls with Type X purge system for use in a Class 1, Division 1 location, and an oil temperature control unit with rapid cool down ability. Spray balls installed in front and behind the agitator shafts reduce cleaning time in between batches. The company offers a trial/rental program.

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