JBT Corp. announced the release of its READYGo LiquiFusion, a single solution designed to combine blending, dispersion, emulsification, heating and cooling operations in one piece of equipment versus a range of different machines. The single-tank system was developed to help customers reduce costs and leave a smaller footprint when processing juices, cocoa and purees, the company says. With customers across many industries looking to make processing operations simpler and in the process save costs and reduce their carbon footprint, beverage manufacturers are moving toward single-tank processing, which delivers a lower capital cost, reduced material handling and product transfer, and a smaller system footprint, it adds. READYGo LiquiFusion Tanks are available in six standard volumes and can be customized to handle a broad range of products and processes, including four separate agitator options that can be combined to create ideal mixing for almost any application and can handle viscosities of more than 100,000 centipoise (CPS). In addition, an optional ASME dimple jacket provides efficient heating and cooling compatible with a variety of heat transfer media for gums, flours, coca, yeast, juices, purees, whey and slurries. Among its other benefits, the LiquiFusion system offers superior low-level mixing, reduced batch time, elimination of agglomerated powders, a more homogenous blend and increased batch uniformity. The versatile, sanitary design is clean-in-place ready and available for easy installation, the company says.