JBT-Avure Technologies unveiled the FlexiBulk, a fast, bulk high-pressure processing (HPP) machine. The company notes that the FlexiBulk can fill a 55-gallon bag in one minute. Unlike other HPP machines, the patent-pending FlexiBulk HPPs individually packages food and beverage products and bulk products simultaneously, the company says. The reason the FlexiBulk works so efficiently is because filling is done outside the HPP press, enabling the equipment to fill bags, in baskets, while other bags are being pressed and unfilled. Additionally, the FlexiBulk processes multiple eco-friendly options, such as cans and glass bottles, which normally are not available to HPP. The increased capacity of 90% for liquid bulk fills improves packing density, resulting in better throughput, according to the company. 

JBT-Avure Technologies, 1830 Airport Exchange Blvd., Suite 160, Erlanger, Ky. 41018; 614/255-6633; avure-hpp-foods.com.