Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea, a brand of Boston-based The Boston Beer Co., partnered with New York-based Sesame3, a web3 platform for brands, to launch its first-ever NFT. 

Leveraging Sesame3’s expertise in the NFT space, this partnership will allow Twisted Tea to reward and engage with fans in the NFT marketplace and beyond, the company says.

Unlike most branded NFTs, Twisted Tea’s NFT Drop provides real-world value to users and can be held, sold and purchased using traditional payment methods without a crypto wallet ― making it one of the most accessible branded NFTs to hit the market, it adds.

Since 2007, Twisted Tea has featured fans on its bottles and cans. On average, the brand receives more than 1,000 photo submissions each month, with only a select few landing a spot on the pack, the company notes. Twisted Tea’s NFT Drop will give a new opportunity to score that coveted spot, with additional perks, it says.

In addition to landing a photo on up to 100 million Twisted Tea cans, using Sesame3’s web3 platform, the NFT winner can then auction the NFT off to the highest bidder, giving the new NFT owner the opportunity to have their photo on a select number of Twisted Tea back labels.

“Celebrating our fans is a part of everything we do, so our first-ever NFT had to reward them with something big,” said Erica Taylor, brand director for Twisted Tea, in a statement. “For 15 years and counting, we’ve featured more than 750 fan photos on the back of every Twisted Tea bottle and can, showing off how our fans keep it twisted. And, while we might not know a whole lot about NFTs, we do know our fans are sure to go wild for a chance to get their face on millions of Twisted Tea labels.

“Partnering with the NFT experts at Sesame3, we're excited to celebrate our community in a totally new space,” Taylor continues.

Abhishek Gutgutia, CEO of Sesame3, added: “We’re excited to partner with Twisted Tea to be one of the pioneers of this new age of NFTs. Through our partnership, we're introducing the next generation of NFTs infused with value and experiences that give fans new ways to interact with Twisted Tea, with accessibility and community as the focus.”