DENIOS Inc., a leading manufacturer of products for environmental and workplace safety, has introduced protective charging cabinets, should a lithium-ion battery, charging cord, or charger be defective. Lithium-ion batteries can sometimes combust if they get too hot, and these cabinets from DENIOS will “protect against fire hazards due to thermal runway, deep discharge, mechanical deformation or chemical reaction,” it says. The Ion-Charge 90 storage containers were designed by DENIOS specifically for this kind of battery to charge and be stored. The cabinets are manufactured with 90 minutes of fire resistance, from outside to in, and with 90 minutes of fire resistance from fires within the container reaching the outside, the company says. These units were type tested in accordance with EN 14470-1, it adds. The cabinets, which are ideal for manufacturers, dealers and distributors that incorporate Li-ion batteries into their products, come equipped with a transport base for fast and safe transportation, which is perfect should a battery be defective and the cabinet need removing, according to the company. Each unit features a triple-hinge door, easy to clean surface, charger sockets and perforated shelves.

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