Crown Equipment Corp. launched a new line of lithium-ion-powered forklifts: the V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage System (ESS). The V-Force now is available for most of the company’s lineup of electric forklifts, signifying the increasing viability of lithium-ion technology as a practical alternative power source for forklifts, the company says. The ESS is fully integrated with the truck for flexibility, scalability and convenience while enabling the truck’s display to show battery discharge levels. It also alerts the operator through an early warning system before truck operation ceases. Besides the lithium-ion technology, the system also includes a modular V-Force charger, as well as a battery-management system that extends battery life by preventing operation outside of warranted conditions. The alternative power source underwent extensive modeling and application testing to ensure the lithium-ion-powered forklift matched the performance, efficiency and safety standards of the company forklifts. The advantages of lithium-ion batteries include that they are maintenance-free, sealed units, which eliminates the need for battery watering; the ability to be charged during operator breaks, contributing to longer run times; and greater energy efficiency. Released last summer, the V-HFM3 Series of modular battery chargers can be configured to charge lead-acid and V-Force lithium-ion batteries, it adds.

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