Parch Spirits Co. announced the launch of its first non-alcohol, blue weber agave-based canned cocktail: PARCH. Debuting with two ready-to-drink flavors — the Prickly Paloma and the Spiced Piñarita — PARCH offers discerning cocktail lovers a full-flavored, complex modern beverage that serves as a bridge between familiar cocktails and non-alcoholic alternatives, the company says. Pairing blue weber agave, grapefruit, orange bitters, and lime juice, together with floral-tart hibiscus and desert botanicals, the Prickly Paloma is a citrusy bittersweet non-alcoholic cocktail, it says. Meanwhile, the Spiced Piñarita is a smoky and spicy cocktail combining roasted pineapple with earthy blue weber agave, juicy prickly pear, cactus fruit and select desert botanicals. Packaged in 8.4-ounce cans, Parch can be purchased in packs of eight, 12- and 16-can-packs by visiting the company’s website.

Parch Spirits Co., Tucson, Ariz.


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