Golden Rule Spirits announced the newest addition to its roster of bar-strength, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails in a can: the Tequila Paloma. The cocktail comes as the fourth variety released by the family-owned, San Francisco–based company.

Golden Rule Spirits was founded in 2017 by two cousins, James Mauk and Hunter Sprole, who grew up in the bar and restaurant scene, the company notes. They started Golden Rule with the concept that convenience and quality do not need to be mutually exclusive, it says. 

“We debated whether to make this cocktail in the more traditional highball style, with carbonation, but instead decided to stick with our 100-ml offering and bump up the ABV,” Mauk said in a statement. “We think we have found the perfect middle ground where people can add sparkling water to their preference or drink as is and have an elevated version of the classic Paloma. The Paloma is the perfect complement to our Margarita Original. We love the way grapefruit, lime juice and tequila interact to make this ‘still’ version of a classic Paloma. And who doesn’t love a pink drink?”

Handcrafted in Ventura, Calif., the Paloma is a combination of 100% agave tequila and Golden Rule Spirits’ own grapefruit liqueur made with Rio Red grapefruit and lime juices. The Golden Rule Paloma balances the sweet, bitter juiciness of grapefruit against the backbone of the brand’s own 100% agave tequila, the company says.

Sold in individual cans for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $5.99 and an SRP of $20 for a four-pack, the 26% ABV Tequila Paloma is available to purchase by visiting the Golden Rule Spirits website.