Geneva, Switzerland-based Firmenich and Finlays, part of the Swire Group, announced they have joined forces in Europe to help brands capitalize on growth in natural, sustainably sourced tea and coffee solutions. As a part of this new agreement, Firmenich will focus on commercializing two core parts of Finlays’ extracts business in Europe: its Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Extract portfolios. The Cold Brew Coffee portfolio serves a rapidly growing segment within the European region, and is crafted using a proprietary process that delivers a distinctly smooth, rich flavor experience, it says. Finlays’ Tea Extract portfolio includes The Wellbeing Collection, a range of premium, all-natural tea extracts that are rich in bioactive compounds associated with various health benefits, it adds. Under the new agreement, Firmenich is responsible for the full sales process, including commercial relationship and brief management, supported by the Finlays team. “The world of natural beverages is a dynamic hotbed of innovation and offers countless opportunities for sustainable growth,” said Guy Chambers, Finlays group managing director, in a statement. “Our new partnership with Firmenich supports Finlays’ mission of bringing the best from bush to cup and will help us to deliver distinctive and exciting solutions for customers in Europe.”

In response to rising demand for premium collagen ingredients, Rousselot Darling Ingredients, Irving, Texas, is increasing its production capabilities for premium porcine collagen, which is taking a more prominent role in the nutraceutical market. A newly opened production line in Ghent, Belgium, is specializing in the manufacture of Peptan, the leading collagen peptide brand, the company says. The new line complements Rousselot’s existing bovine and fish collagen production capabilities and will improve the manufacturers’ access to premium collagen ingredients and speed to market capabilities. Starting with two collagen peptide production facilities in 2019, the company now has four sites in Angoulême (France), Amparo and Presidente Epitácio (Brazil), and now, the dedicated premium porcine collagen in Ghent. The Ghent site also houses the company’s Global Expertise Center, where science and innovation teams harness research and development (R&D) and application labs, a sensory program and a pilot hall to drive the organization’s innovation pipeline.

Hørsholm, Denmark-based Chr. Hansen is ranked No. 2 on Canadian Corporate Knights 2022 annual ranking of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies. The Toronto-based media and investment firm has published its annual index of the world's greenest firms for 18 years, and Chr. Hansen has been included on the Global 100 list for the past five years, it says. Approximately 6,914 companies with more than $1 billion in revenues have been analyzed against global industry peers on a number of quantitative key performance indicators. “Zooming in on Chr. Hansen, it is noteworthy that the year’s score improvements are broadly anchored across all [Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance] (ESG) areas — from clean revenue, a classic Chr. Hansen stronghold, to ESG pay link, safety and diversity — and that is a testimony to the hard work done across the entire organization,” says Chr. Hansen CEO Mauricio Graber.

The global flavors and fragrances market size is expected to reach $41.98 billion in 2028 and register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6% during the forecast period of 2021-2028, according to a report from Reports and Data. Increasing consumer awareness for hygiene because of the rise of chronic diseases and the importance of healthcare has led to an increase in use of flavors and fragrances in personal care products, the report states. Rising demand for natural-based ingredients that are non-toxic and safe is another factor expected to propel revenue growth of the market. Additionally, increasing demand for floral fragrant ingredients such as lavender, jasmine and roses for production of skincare, essential oils and incense sticks is expected to drive revenue growth of the global market, it adds.