FoodTech start-up B.T. Sweet Ltd. launched a new plant-based, one-to-one drop-in sugar replacer for multiple food applications: Cambya. The proprietary formula, based on soluble fibers, monk fruit, and select botanicals, boasts a one-to-one equivalent to sugar both in body and taste, and offers a rich source of naturally derived beneficial fibers. The non-GMO ingredient delivers optimal sweetening capacity, without the need for masking agents and doesn’t leave any lingering aftertastes, the company says. In a statement, B.T. Sweet’s Co-inventor Gil de-Picciotto, said: “Cambya applies a unique process to overcome these organoleptic challenges by targeting the hydrophobic sites on natural sweeteners, rendering them less accessible to flavor receptors. This, in turn, delivers sugar-like sweetening and bulking effect.” The new sweetening platform is the result of a three-year research and development campaign of mixing and matching a broad range of fibers, natural sweeteners and botanicals. The team also explored different development techniques to ensure high solubility and superior blending capacity for smooth integration into food and beverage products, all with minimal processing. The ingredient will be produced in Europe and several consumer packaged goods brands are line-testing it.

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