Austin Eastciders announced the launch of its Austin Eastciders Light Cider, a natural evolution for folks who want to shave their alcohol beverage calories down to 100 calories in each serving without compromising on taste, the company says. The Light Cider launched with four new flavors: Mango Mimosa, a blend of mangos, oranges and apples; Cucumber Agave, a blend of fresh, juicy cucumbers, earthy agave and fresh apples; Strawberry Lemonade, a blend of strawberries and lemons; and Texas Brut, a cider ideal for all types of occasions, it adds. Each flavor starts with the fermentation of apple juice and is then blended with real fruit juice, the company notes. Austin Eastciders Light Cider is available in a variety pack with all four flavors for $19.99, along with a six-pack of Texas Brut and Mango Mimosa for $9.99 by visiting the company’s website.

Austin Eastciders, Austin


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