Radnor Hills, a United Kingdom-based spring water company, doubled its Infusions range by adding two new flavors to create a strongly branded family of four cans with a matte-pastel look and feel. The new all-natural, unsweetened flavored sparkling spring waters, Mango & Pineapple and Blackberry & Pomegranate, join the original Lemon & Mint and Raspberry & Black Cherry in a sleek 330-ml aluminum can format. The packs boast a premium appeal because of Ardah Metal Packaging’s (AMP) matte overvarnish to finish the cans, the company says. To boost branding, the company uses AMP’s sophisticated matte finish for every can across its entire product line, from its sparkling and still Radnor Hills brand flagbearers to its infused waters and its Heartsease Farm-branded mixers. The matte finish also offers haptic enhancement through the special hint of texture that matte provides. In a statement, Camilla Cadwallader, product and innovation account manager at Radnor Hills, stated: “Our spring water products are outstanding, so they deserve to stand out, and we pay a lot of attention to the pack design. The matte finish is that final detail that makes our cans look extra attractive on the shelf and then feel great in the hand.”