Even as the craft brewing industry has grown and beers have become more diverse, the struggles when packaging beer have remained, with oxygen being the main cause. A reactive element, oxygen tends to be absorbed by beer, which reduces shelf life and can alter flavor and aroma profiles that a brewmaster worked hard to achieve. Vacuum Barrier Corp. combats the effects of oxygen by using nitrogen, an inert gas. By replacing oxygen in a container with nitrogen, the unique taste and bouquet of the beer can be maintained, the company says.

Another advantage of nitrogen is its ability to be stored as a liquid. Involved with the brewing industry since the 1980s, Vacuum Barrier specializes in extremely precise, efficient, and reliable liquid nitrogen dosing systems. For instance, the company’s Linerter excelled at pre-purging empty bottles of all sizes prior to filling. Providing a low-oxygen environment for filling helps extend shelf life. Additionally, the compact Minidoser provided a simple solution for purging oxygen from the headspace of filled bottles just prior to capping.

As preferences changed and craft canning lines became more popular, the company’s products have evolved as well. The Easydoser G2, featuring an offset dosing arm and electric dosing valve, has simplified setup and installation for headspace dosing on canning lines. Furthermore, the development of a Low Dose Velocity block improves reliability when dosing very low headspace products. Beyond just purging oxygen, some low-carbonated products need to be pressurized to add strength and stability to the can to accommodate packing, labeling, storing and shipping, the company says. This is accomplished with the same dosing equipment, but involves seaming the can immediately after dosing to trap the nitrogen in the headspace. A similar process is used when nitrogenating a beer. When enough pressure is added to a can, nitrogen gas can be forced into solution. When this nitrogen comes out of solution by “hard-pouring” or through the action of a widget, the beer exhibits a cascade affect and provides a smooth, creamy mouthfeel.

Vacuum Barrier dosers offer a reliable and efficient method of purging empty containers before filling, purging oxygen from the headspace of filled containers, pressurizing cans of low-carbonated products for stability or to nitrogenate for nitro-style beers. The company provides a complete line of liquid nitrogen dosing and piping systems, meeting a wide variety of industry and customer needs. The equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured at its Massachusetts facility with a commitment to delivering safe and defect-free product while achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. The company provides standard and customized solutions, offering one source for complete systems.

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