Dry January continues to gain popularity among the “sober curious” looking to experiment with the alcohol-free lifestyle. To assist those who want to give it a try, Minneapolis-based Hairless Dog Brewing Co. has revealed its Dry January Survival Kits. 

Prices start at $20 and includes a choice of the three Hairless Dog 0% ABV craft NA beer varieties and merchandise. Hairless Dog Brewing Co. invented an innovative brewing process in which alcohol is never introduced. 

Hairless Dog co-founder Paul Pirner, one of the founding members of the recently-formed Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association, stated: “Dry January is no longer a month you have to suffer through with lifeless NA drinks. Along with our partners in the ANABA, we’re revolutionizing the industry and proud to offer a 0.0% ABV, truly NA, true craft beverage. As a former home brewer, it’s important to me that Hairless Dog provides the full craft beer experience ― from pour to mouthfeel to flavor. We invite anyone to give us a try - whether you're serving as a designated driver for the night, challenging yourself to a month of less or no alcohol, or adopting an alcohol-free lifestyle. Our Survival Kits give people a fun way to participate in Dry January with great NA beer and some cool gear as well.”

The New Year also brings enhanced recipes for the company’s cornerstone brews — Citra Lager, India Pale Ale, and Black Ale – and updated packaging designs.

The Dry January Survival Kits can be purchased at HDBrewing.com.