At the Craft Brewers Conference, Krones Inc. showcased its pressure sensitive small-footprint labeler for cans. The made-in-the-USA Inline Autocol Pressure Sensitive Labeler is designed to give craft brewers an edge with eye-catching labels to help their beer brands stand out from the competition. The labeler can handle multiple SKUs, small batches and limited runs and facilitate frequently changing artwork with a high accuracy labeling machine, it says. Additionally, the machine has a storage capacity of 10,000 cans. Key benefits include full wrap or partial labels; the ability to handle speeds of as many as 250 cans per minute (cpm); and the ability to accurately produce labels from one station with a maximum reel size of 400 millimeters. The Inline Autocol also provides the highest amount of flexibility in the smallest footprint for recipe changes, small batch limited runs and SKU proliferation. Using a combination of designed components from Krones and Kosme, the pressure sensitive labeler utilizes proven technology, features a single head design for quick and easy setups and a minimalistic table plate design, which allows many options for placement in the production line. With its compact design, operators are able to remain close to the production while staying safe behind the machine’s CAT 3 guarding. 

Krones Inc., 9600 S. 58th St., Franklin, Wis. 53132; 414/409-4000;