PDC International Corp. offers a cost-efficient, mandrel-style R-300 can labeler. The machine enables craft and microbreweries to shrink sleeve beer cans while avoiding the large minimum quantities required to print aluminum cans, and to purchase and label smaller quantities as needed. The R-300 has the speed, technology and cost-effectiveness that small craft brewers are looking for, the company says. In addition, shrink sleeving gives companies the ability to design highly attractive graphic labels using multiple printing technologies on flexible shrink film. The film is formed into tubes and arrives at the plant either in roll form for machine application or pre-cut for hand application, it adds. Once heated through a shrink tunnel, the film shrinks in size and tightly conforms to the shape of the can, producing an eye-catching product, the company says. The R-300 runs at speeds as fast as 300 cans a minute on empty or full beverage cans. PDC offers other models of the R Series that operate at varying speeds, which all contain the company’s rugged and longer-lived proprietary blade technology.

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