GoodBelly, a brand of NextFoods Inc., announced that it has optimized its Probiotic Shots lines with product renaming and packaging design. The brand’s No Sugar Added Probiotic Shots have been renamed as Digestion Shots, and the Vitamins + Calcium Shots have been renamed as Digestion + Wellness Shots as a way to clearly identify the functional benefits and differences between each product line, the company says. 

Research has shown that consumers value a higher number of live and active cultures in their probiotics, and the new Shots packaging clearly calls out the high amount of probiotics delivered in each serving. All GoodBelly drinks and shots contain Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v (LP299V), which has been scientifically shown to help establish intestinal balance and can support overall digestive health when consumed daily, so highlighting the probiotics inside each shot strongly differentiate this leading probiotic producer, according to the company.

GoodBelly’s research also showed that flavor plays a large role in driving purchasing decisions, even more than claims, price or other factors. The new packaging includes a clearer flavor callout at the top of the package.

No formulation or flavor changes were made to the Shots, the company adds.