Pepsi, a brand of Purchase, N.Y.-based PepsiCo, launched Pepsi Trash Talk, an interactive sustainability platform aimed at teaching consumers the ins and outs of recycling, with the help of an all-star lineup of trash talking NFL athletes. A series of mini public service announcements (PSAs) feature pro players in all their competitive glory ― taking the trash talk from the field to the recycling bin.

With the 2021 NFL season in full swing, consumers will be enjoying their favorite game day eats and Pepsi from week to week, the company notes. To encourage fans to properly recycle their bottles and cans post game day, Pepsi Trash Talk is here to explain the process.

Fans can visit to check out their favorite players like Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Chase Claypool and more, who offer similar tips and tricks on recycling and trash talking. An interactive educational game on challenges fans to spot the difference between recyclables and trash, and a Pepsi Trash Talk Hall of Fame will celebrate fans who unapologetically show off their best trash talk. Pepsi Trash Talk also will be supported through a robust media plan, including content and live reads on top sports podcasts and digital channels from the king of trash talk himself, Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders, the company says.

“Pepsi and I go way back – we've been working together for a long time, and I love a good Pepsi, so the opportunity to work again and have some fun sharing a positive message, I've been all in from the get-go,” said NFL legend and JSU Head Football Coach Deion Sanders in a statement. “Trash talk was my bread and butter on the field, and still is ― so to take the fun and excitement of trash talk to share an important message about recycling, we're excited to educate the fans out there and talk some smack while we're at it.”

Pepsi Trash Talk celebrates the brand's important move to sustainable packaging as it announces its goal that all Pepsi-branded products in the United States will be converted to 100% rPET bottles by 2030, with Pepsi Zero Sugar beginning to be sold in 100% rPET bottles by 2022. PepsiCo estimates that moving to a 100% rPET bottle will lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by approximately 30% a bottle, with 22 global markets now offering a PepsiCo product in 100% rPET packaging and 11 European markets moving key Pepsi-branded products to 100% rPET bottles by 2022, it says.

“As we look toward a brighter future, it is critical that our brands be a force for good to accelerate the positive change we need around sustainability. From educating consumers on the importance of recycling and the planetary impacts of their choices, to taking accountability ourselves committing our biggest brand to become built out of 100% recycled plastic, is a big step forward,” said Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing for Pepsi, in a statement. “Consumers play a vital role in the availability of rPET, so we are proudly using our most influential platform, the NFL, to create a sustainability-forward narrative that drives recycling awareness, education and advocacy in an entertaining way, authentic to our brand and audience.”