Jones Soda Co. is bringing its labels to life with a series of augmented reality (AR) labels showcasing 15 extreme athletes and edgy artists in action. The AR labels, which span five top-selling soda flavors, are activated with a new Jones Soda app and will appear on 1.5 million bottles hitting store shelves in the United States and Canada. The company also is holding a contest to select videos for a planned 2022 series. Building on Jones Soda’s long-time association with action sports and creators of all kinds, the initial AR labels spotlight influencers ranging from a gravity-defying professional scooter rider with 150,000 Instagram followers to a tattoo artist, jewelry designer and street muralist. The list also includes a BMX rider, beach volleyball player, breakdancer, roller skater, skateboarder, surfer and a circus performer who says she lives for the adrenaline rush of fire spinning. Shoppers can download the Jones Soda app and use their phone camera to scan the image on any bottle carrying a “Reel Label” icon. The scan will trigger a short video bringing the viewer inside the unique world of its creator, whether he or she is painting a mural in time-lapse, dropping into a scooter bowl, or doing a hardflip at the skatepark.

The new AR labels appear on Jones Soda’s Orange and Cream, Cream Soda, Berry Lemonade, Root Beer and Green Apple flavors. Each influencer is featured on 100,000 bottles. Video submissions for the next AR label cycle, scheduled for March 2022 release, are currently being accepted.