White Labs is raising the bar in the art of brewing beers through its PurePitch Next Generation. Available in all-new optimized packaging to help commercial brewers make the best beer possible, PurePitch is available in two strains: WLP001, California Ale Yeast, which is known for its clean flavors and hardy fermentations, and WLP066, a London Fog Ale Yeast best used in New England-style IPAs, the company says. Backed by more than 25 years of scientific exploration and technological innovation, White Labs’ next generation 1.75-liter, two-layer film packaging is equipped with handles and a connectable port for seamless closed-system inline yeast transfers. This makes it easier for commercial brewers to pitch yeast, while preventing contamination. Each package of PurePitch Next Generation goes through 38 quality checkpoints before it reaches the brewer, ensuring the yeast is the most verifiably superior yeast available, it says. The new packaging also includes a QR code with on-demand quality control data including precise cell counts and strain-specific information, along with detailed usage instructions. 

White Labs, 9495 Candida St., San Diego, Calif. 92126; 858/693-3441; www.whitelabs.com.