To meet the growing demands for craft beer, BREWFIRST offers its nano-brewing system, which performs like a micro-brewery, the company says. The 40-inch wide and 36-inch tall automated high-end craft beer brewing system takes up a minimal amount of space and produces 31 gallons of fresh, preservative-free craft beer in as little as 14 days. The smart brewing technology also can produce craft beer in any beer style including IPAs, porters, stouts, pale ales, ambers and heavy bitters as well as cold-brew coffee. Because the entire brewing system is handled by the machine, the system requires two-phase power, a water supply and drain for installation, the company says. This includes filling, heating of the water, steeping the grains, adding malt extract and bringing all the ingredients to a one-hour boil before cooling the batch (wort), and auto-pumping into fermenting vessels. Adding yeast is the next step followed by fermentation for seven to 14 days, depending on the beer style. The machine also can brew a batch of cold-brew coffee in about two hours. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, club houses, and catering halls, BREWFIRST enables business owners to create their own signature beer or other beer style in-house, it explains.

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