FreeWater Inc. announced the release of its innovative, paradigm-shifting product: eco-friendly, BPA-free water. Designed as a new type of advertising medium, with 10 cents from each product donated to charity to build water wells for people in need, the product is paid for by the ads directly printed onto the aluminum bottles and cartons. Additionally, advertisers can make use of FreeWater’s physical packaging by connecting QR codes for consumers to scan in order to collect coupons, watch videos, take surveys, incorporate augmented reality and more. Founder Josh Cliffords created the company after volunteering with refugees who had revealed the water scarcity issues they had faced — at present, 800 million people lack access to safe drinking water with even more suffering water scarcity, the company notes. Cliffords sought a solution to provide free, clean water and build infrastructure for communities to obtain water. Advertisers have the option to distribute the water for free or to sell the beverage. Yet, any product FreeWater directly distributes to consumers will be free as part of the company’s mission to pay its members to consume free products. Additionally, FreeWater is granting all its donations to a variety of nonprofits that are building water wells and systems in Africa.