Toast H2O, produced by The Miami Distilling Co. and bottled by Savani Water, unveiled its new bottled water product: Toast H2O alkaline purified water. With a pH level ranging from 7.9-8.5, Toast H20 alkaline purified water is treated with reverse osmosis, UV light, ozone, carbon filter, multimedia filter and micro-filtration before it is bottled in a sleek, long, clear and thin bottle with no adhesive label for easier recycling, the company says. One of the biggest challenges in industrial recycling is that non-recyclable materials are mixed in with the recyclable materials, but these 16.9-ounce/500-mg BPA-free bottles feature black tops and a classic design which encourages consumers to reuse them several times before discarding in a recycle bin. "Clean and healthy drinking water is essential for life," said Dieuveny "DJ" Jean Louis, founder and chief executive officer of Toast Distillers Inc., in statement. "We are pleased to offer Toast H2O alkaline purified water to not only provide consumers with the supposed health benefits of this type of water, but to also give them an environmentally-friendly bottle that can be used multiple times.". Toast H2O alkaline purified water is available for purchase in 24-packs for a suggested retail price of $23.52 per case.