Anteel Tequila released Blood Orange Blanco Tequila, a 100% blue weber agave tequila infused with all-natural flavorings from Tarocco blood oranges grown in Sicily, Italy. Tarocco blood oranges are regarded as among the sweetest of all the blood orange varieties and have a balanced flavor with tangy notes to match their natural sweetness, the company says. Anteel Blood Orange Blanco Tequila imparts aromas of blood orange and orange zest on the nose, according to the company. Sweet cooked agave lead on the taste profile, which is rapidly followed by the sweet and tangy flavor of Tarocco blood oranges, it add. With a 35% ABV, Anteel Blood Orange Blanco Tequila is packaged in 750-ml bottle for a suggested retail price of $38.99 and is available in select markets.

Anteel Tequila, Canton, Mich.

Telephone: 866/877-1840


Distribution: Select markets