Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. officially set a Guinness World Record for the farthest distance thrown by a trebuchet with a projectile weighing 44 pounds and over. The Guinness World Records title was set in celebration of a Sierra’s new beer: Big Little Thing Imperial IPA, a year-round offering that is available in cans and on draft nationwide. In an effort to match the bigness of Big Little Thing Imperial IPA, Sierra Nevada thought a Guinness World Records attempt using a keg catapult seemed fitting. On March 11, the beer was literally launched bigger than any beer has been launched before. The projectile that was catapulted was a half barrel Big Little Thing keg weighing 120 pounds, and the launching mechanism was a more than 20-foot tall custom trebuchet-style catapult dubbed The Big Little Thing Catapult. To set a Guinness World Records title, the brewery needed the catapult to launch a projectile farther than 253 feet. Sierra Nevada succeeded with an official launch distance of 438.81 feet. The record was officially set March 2, and a follow-up celebratory virtual event was livestreamed on YouTube on March 11.