Named after a generation that is entrepreneurial, invites change, seeks connections and wants to be heard, GEN Z Water, Fayetteville, Ark., is shaking up the system. The bottled water stands out from the sea of blue bottles with its bright colors and unique animal-inspired characters in fantasy settings, the company says.

The brand's retro creative designs are meant to be a conversation starter, causing a smile at the combination of unexpected elements and scenarios and providing a source of connection for water drinkers, it adds.

"We are not your average water bottle company," said Doug Batie, founder and CEO of GEN Z Water, in a statement. "And consumers will notice that the first time they pick up a bottle of GEN Z. We hope they are intrigued by both the aluminum we use to protect our planet and the bottles we've designed to give our consumers a moment to smile. Despite the name and ironic nod to Generation Z, GEN Z is for everyone who drinks water, appreciates the humor and is looking for a reprieve from today's world."

Aiming to put an end to single-use plastic pollution, consumers will find new GEN Z Water packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum bottles, meant to be resealed, refilled and reused. GEN Z has released the first of multiple bottle designs and will expand the collection in the months ahead, unveiling remaining creative scenes with new critters.

GEN Z Water sells for $5 on and ships for free. Customers also can find GEN Z at select retailers.