Cutwater Spirits welcomed the return of baseball on April 1 by releasing new co-branded canned cocktails while also increasing its in-stadium presence through partnerships with teams across the league. The distillery also joined forces with Wil Myers of the San Diego Padres and is encouraging fans to take a break from their daily routine and “Cut Out for Baseball” starting with the first game of the season.

Cutwater began rolling out co-branded, limited-edition cans of its popular Vodka Mule. The cans will feature the trademarks and official logos of six major league teams: the San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees. Also, Cutwater has increased their ballpark presence with all partners: the aforementioned six teams plus the Cincinnati Reds, and New York Mets. The Vodka Mule is made with Cutwater Vodka, house-made ginger beer, and natural lime flavor with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 7 percent and will be available for local fans 21 and older.

This year, Cutwater will re-release four-packs of its Padres Vodka Mule as well as introduce the Padres Tequila Paloma, a 7 percent ABV cocktail made with real tequila and grapefruit soda. Both cans will be available as part of a mixed 12-pack and sold exclusively in the greater San Diego area.

"As a die-hard baseball fan, I could not be more excited for Cutwater to be a part of the return to a more normal MLB season this year," says Earl Kight, co-founder and head of sales for Cutwater Spirits, in a statement. “I’ll be stocking up on our Padres Vodka Mules and Palomas to support my hometown team. The fact that folks all over the country will also be able to represent their favorite teams with a great-tasting canned cocktail in hand is truly a dream come true."

Additionally, Cutwater is helping baseball fans “Cut Out” of their everyday routine to watch the game with a tongue-in-cheek social media stunt inspired by the cardboard cutouts that dominated stadium seats this past year. The “Cut Out for Baseball” initiative launched on Instagram and Twitter through a national sweepstakes last week. Cutwater is supplying nearly 200 winning fans and the front office staff at stadiums across the United States with personalized cardboard cutouts to “take over” their desks, chores, and assorted obligations so they can watch baseball during the season opener. San Diego Padres right fielder Wil Myers, a fan of both Cutwater and “Cutting Out” for baseball, will help the distillery promote the Cut Out initiative and the San Diego Padres co-branded cans throughout the season.

This initiative is an extension of the brand’s Cut Out With Cutwater campaign, which launched in February with a digital series featuring actress Emily Hampshire and a regional TV commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. The campaign encourages everyone to take a moment and "Cut Out" from their daily routine, and now that message is being shared with baseball fans.