evian, a brand of Danone North American, White Plains, N.Y., unveiled evian+, an innovative new product range outside of its premium still waters that also is packaged in a new way. evian+ Feed Your Mind features a range of flavored sparkling mineral enhanced drinks, packaged in recyclable aluminum cans ― a first for the brand. 

evian+ is a sparkling drink created with evian natural spring water and enhanced with a hint of natural flavors and added minerals (magnesium and zinc). 

This new range includes four flavor combinations: Raspberry & Ginseng, Lime & Ginger, Grapefruit & Basil and Cucumber & Mint. evian+ has zero sugars,  sweeteners and calories.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates ongoing innovation at evian as we expand our product portfolio into the flavored sparking category,” said Shweta Harit, vice president of marketing at evian, in a statement. “Encouraging our consumers to be healthy and perform at their highest level is at the heart of all that we do at evian, so we’re excited to be able to bring this to life in a new and appetizing way. The introduction of a sparkling, flavored, mineral-enhanced drink reflects the importance of adapting to our consumers’ evolving needs and tastes. We are delivering the crisp taste of evian natural spring water in a new and fun way, as we continue to act and support a generation who seek to become the best version of their true selves.”  

Kristie Leigh, RD at evian, added: “Thanks to the introduction of four new flavor combinations, we’re able to offer a unique and delicious hydration experience, with a product that contributes to normal cognitive function, feeding the minds of our consumers through its functional ingredients. *”

The release of the new product range follows the launch of the Drink True global campaign by evian, which celebrates authenticity and honesty, reflecting the uniquely sourced evian spring water from the French Alps. 

evian+ will be available across the United States and Canada. It is now on shelves at select U.S. retailers including Walgreens and will be coming soon to CVS, Amazon, Ahold, Fresh Direct, SBE locations and select Curator Hotels and Resorts.