Tolago LLC released its flagship product: Tolago Hard Seltzer. Inspired by an active, health-conscious Southern California lifestyle, Tolago Hard Seltzer flavors come from natural fruit juices, purées and botanicals from California. Featuring 100 percent organic agave nectar, which is Fair Trade sourced from Mexico, Tolago Hard Seltzer is available in four varieties: Ginger Pear, Agave Lime, Cherry Rose and Guava Mango. Ginger Pear blends fresh-pressed ginger and pear juice while Agave Lime is a combination of 100 percent organic agave nectar and fresh-squeezed lime. Cherry Rose features naturally sweet cherry juice and Guava Mango contains the natural, tropical flavors of guava nectar and mango, the company says. With a 5 percent alcohol by volume, Tolago Hard Seltzer is sold in select markets in six- and 12-packs for a suggested retail price of $12.99 and $24.99, respectively.

Tolago LLC, Los Angeles

Telephone: 831/900-8251


Distribution: Select markets