O'Neill Vintners & Distillers, Paso Robles, Calif., announced the acquisition of Rabble Wines, also in Paso Robles, Calif. Founded by longtime Paso Robles vineyard manager Rob Murray in 2010, Rabble Wines produces premium, Paso Robles AVA wines with disruptive labels born from wines' struggle with Mother Nature, it says. The acquisition signals another investment by O'Neill Vintners & Distillers in the burgeoning market for younger wine drinkers.

Rabble Wines is inspired by the everyday farming challenges that Murray encountered as a vineyard manager, grower and entrepreneur, the company says. In 2010, Murray set about creating Rabble Wines in Paso Robles to prove that despite Mother Nature's untamable ways, he would succeed in producing rabble rousing wines. According to Nielsen data for the 52 weeks ending Nov. 28, 2020, the core tier has grown 51.3 percent in the premium wine category.

"Moving Rabble into the O'Neill portfolio is a great win for our consumer and for the brand," Murray said in a statement. "I know Rabble will continue to provide authenticity and adventure under the leadership of visionary entrepreneur Jeff O'Neill. I am enormously proud of what we built with Rabble and am excited about turning my focus toward Tooth & Nail Wine Co., which promises to continue disrupting the stodgier aspects of the wine world."

Jeff O'Neill, chief executive officer of O'Neill Vintners & Distillers, added: "O'Neill is laser focused on creating sustainable growth through our innovative brands and offering approachable wines to Millennials and upcoming Gen Z consumers. Rob has created a unique brand that maintains relevance in an industry that frequently finds itself a little behind. His efforts resonate with forward-thinking, modern wine drinkers. Rabble fits well within our growing portfolio of nationally-distributed brands."

O'Neill will carry on the quality and spirit of Rabble Wines made from Paso Robles AVA fruit in its own Paso Robles winery facility, focusing on the core tier of Rabble Cabernet Sauvignon, Rabble Zinfandel, Rabble Red Blend and Rabble Rosé. These wines offer the augmented reality experience that Rabble Wines are renowned for, the company adds. Details of the purchase were not disclosed.