Kerry released Botanicals Collection ZERO, a range of high-quality, authentic botanical extracts — containing 0 percent ethanol — designed specifically for the low- and no-alcohol beverage markets. The portfolio currently includes 15 standard products and 35 others, such as juniper, rosebud, elderflower, cocoa, turmeric, cinnamon and others. “Kerry is pleased to make available the Botanicals Collection ZERO range of high-quality authentic botanical distillates to beverage producers interested in producing more refined and better-tasting low- or no-alcohol drinks,” said Michel Aubanel, flavour ingredients global development manager for Kerry, in a statement. “Consumer expectations are currently not being met by mocktails and other no-alcohol options due to the fact that products often resemble juices rather than alcohol. Increasingly, consumers want the upscale experience of the glass, ice and taste, but without the alcohol content. The Kerry Botanicals Collection ZERO portfolio can deliver a premium drink that tastes great.” The Kerry Botanicals Collection ZERO range offers the following advantages: it’s fully traceable, clean-label, halal-certified, kosher-suitable, ethanol-free and also free of any alternative solvent. The portfolio allows manufacturers to maintain a low (or zero) alcohol content and permits a “0.0%” claim. In comparison to other ethanol-free technologies, the Collection ZERO range is more stable, with no haze, no sedimentation, and a fresher botanical taste and mouthfeel, the company says. The Collection ZERO range contains more than 45 single distillate profiles and five fusions distillates that can be blended and tailored to suite specific markets and create unique winning tastes, it adds.

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