NuZee Inc. (doing business as Coffee Blenders), Plano, Texas, and Farmer Bros. Co., Northlake, Texas, announced a strategic partnership under which Farmer Brothers will provide access to manufacturing capacity as NuZee continues to roll out new coffee and tea products in the United States. Under the agreement, NuZee may place up to 50 co-packing machines in Farmer Brothers' 500,000-square-foot, SQF-certified, zero waste facility in Northlake, Texas. 

These machines would ultimately have the capacity to produce up to 300 million single-serve tea bag, coffee pouches and pour over drip cups, the companies say. By pairing Farmer Brothers' manufacturing and distribution capability with NuZee's technical expertise and products with proven demand in Asia, the partnership is expected to accelerate the scale-up in the United States and efficient delivery of NuZee's innovative products to coffee companies and branded businesses, it adds.

"I am very excited to have Farmer Brothers as our manufacturing partner and believe by combining our expertise and capabilities we will be able to change the way single serve coffee is enjoyed in America,” said Masa Higashida, president and chief executive officer of NuZee, in a statement. “Our partnership features a shared commitment to sustainable practices that I believe will resonate with NuZee's direct customers and consumers across the nation as they continue to look for environmentally friendly and convenient ways to enjoy the products they love.  Farmer Brothers' leadership vision aligns well with ours, and together, I believe we will be able accomplish our goals."

Deverl Maserang, Farmer Brothers president and chief executive officer added: "We are delighted to partner with NuZee in helping to scale their innovative products and well-recognized brands in the U.S. By leveraging our manufacturing and distribution capabilities the agreement provides Farmer Brothers with incremental cost leverage and upside opportunity as NuZee builds its success in the U.S. Partnering with NuZee also is consistent with our demonstrated commitment to sustainable sourcing, production and distribution of environmentally conscious products."

Farmer Brothers' Northlake, Texas facility sits on more than 28 acres and is located nearby shipping ports and key distribution routes, allowing for efficient movement of inbound raw materials and outbound finished goods for both companies, they says. Farmer Brothers reputation for sustainability aligns with NuZee's goal to provide an eco-friendly alternative to the single cup capsule, it adds.