Los Posadas, a holiday tradition for more than 400 years, brings family together in the days leading up to Christmas. Tamales, not an everyday meal, have long unified families by reflecting unique homegrown traditions. Now Tecate, in a retail promotion beginning in early November and running through December, is making an emotional connection with shoppers by pairing the Mexican Import beer with a tradition that reflects the Mexican American cultural heritage.

In a value-added component a voucher program offers shoppers a chance to win a $25 Uber credit to help get them home safely after enjoying Tamales y Tecates.

“Los Posadas is a way to bring the family together in the days leading up to Christmas,” said Juan Carlos Montes, Tecate senior brand manager at HEINEKEN USA, White Plains, N.Y., in a statement.

“Ninety percent of Hispanics celebrate holidays from Hispanic countries, 99 percent of Hispanics enjoy eating traditional Hispanic food, and they use the holidays to reconnect with where they come from,” Montes continues, citing 2019 Simmons data. “Their recipes and the beer they drink reflects their unique cultural heritage. The retail promotion celebrates tamales and Tecate with a combination that is pure Mexican and maintains the so-called holiday ‘T diet’ — tamales, tacos, tortas, tostadas, tortillas, tripitas, and of course, Tecate.”

The retail promotion recognizes that safe, sober rides are a priority during the holiday season by offering shoppers the opportunity to a win a $25 Uber credit. Impactful merchandising suggests, “T’s the Season” to enjoy tamales and Tecate and stay safe after enjoying a celebration with family. POS for on- and off-premise features directions on how to enter via text message; winners will be awarded weekly throughout the eight-week program (available in select markets).