In the “spirit” of discovering new drink inspirations and joining the wellness trend of an alcohol-free lifestyle for the trending “Sober October” movement, Austin, Texas-based Sans Bar hosted a Kick-off Sober October Party on Oct. 2. In advance of the free virtual event, attendees could purchase the Sans Bar Where You Are Sober October Kit from to get the mocktails of the night sent right to their door. Kits also included a workout playlist, coasters and discount codes from the event’s non-alcohol partners to allow patrons to create zero-proof cocktails throughout the month.

The who’s-who of booze-free beverages participated in the virtual event, including Chris Becker, founder of Better Rhodes; Sharelle Kraus, founder of DRY Soda; Paul Pirner and Jeff Hollander, co-founders of Hairless Dog; Paul Tecker, chief executive officer of  h2ops Sparkling Hop Water; and Marcus Sakey, founding partner of  Ritual Zero Proof. The featured guests shared their non-alcohol drink of choice, trendspotting, and how they planned to improve their wellness routines.