5-hour ENERGY, a brand of Farmington Hills, Mich.-based Living Essentials LLC, understands that customers often rely on their energy drinks to help them with home, hobbies, working out, family and more. To help people succeed in getting even more stuff done, 5-hour ENERGY launched its new promotion — as the Official Sponsor of Getting Stuff Done — its largest promotion to date, giving fans the chance to enter to win a share of $100,000 through June 30, it says.

The 5-hour ENERGY promotion gives consumers the chance to instantly win $10, $100 or $1,000 when the promotion kicks off on the first-ever Getting Stuff Done Day on Feb. 6. The first Saturday of February is an opportunity to re-evaluate New Year's resolutions, start planning a home project, clean up before the big game, or begin a new workout routine, the company says.

The brand invites consumers to grab a 5-hour ENERGY shot or drink to get that boost for anything that you need to get stuff done. Social media fans can share how they are getting stuff done with the hashtag #5hourGettingStuffDone.

"Our customers depend on 5-hour ENERGY products to help them as they are Getting Stuff Done," said Jeff Sigouin, president of Living Essentials, LLC, in a statement. "We're excited that the Official Sponsor of Getting Stuff Done promotion provides multiple ways to enter for chances to win and rewards people with what they could use most of all, cash."

The energy drinks’ promotion offers fans several ways to enter for a chance to win a share of $100,000 on www.5HEwin.com. Each month, fans can take a quiz to learn what activity they could use 5-hour ENERGY for. Consumers also may upload their product receipts with single bottle purchases of 5-hour ENERGY shots and drinks entered for a chance to win $100, and multipack purchases entered to win $1,000.

In addition, followers of 5-hour ENERGY on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok will be treated with random social code drops that can be entered for a chance to instantly win $10. Prizes will be awarded through the mobile payment service, Venmo.

The star of the 5-hour ENERGY Official Sponsor of Getting Stuff Done promotion is its new Watermelon flavor, Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY shot. The recently released Watermelon flavor will be highlighted in commercials, digital advertisements and Point of Purchase displays featuring 5-hour ENERGY as the  Official Sponsor of Getting Stuff Done promotional information.