Atlas Molded Products recently released the DuraTherm Fold Flat, a space-saving molded polystyrene foam cooler that folds flat for transportation, storage and reuse. Combining industry-leading DuraTherm coolers with a patented process for molding a durable hinge within polystyrene, Fold Flat revolutionizes portable, temperature-controlled storage solutions, the company says. Fold Flat changes the game for product manufacturers in produce, beverage and other industries that rely on cold-chain solutions. The product features an interlocking hinge that allows a complete thermal seal without tape or film in a box that takes up to 61 percent less space when folded flat, it adds. Fold Flat significantly reduces the space required to store or transport empty coolers, which facilitates a circular economy, as suppliers and consumers are more likely to store and reuse it, it says. At the end of its lifecycle, molded polystyrene also is 100 percent recyclable. The first-of-its-kind molded polystyrene packaging solution is customizable in block molding and shaping molding capabilities, from blocks as thick as 40 inches to tiny impressions of just a few millimeters. 

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