This summer Heineken, a brand of HEINEKEN USA, White Plains, N.Y., is giving beer drinkers a choice of great beer taste with and without alcohol in its new 15-count multi-pack.

The package offers an opportunity for retailers to offer something new and different to beer drinkers during a key consumption period, the company says.

The multi-pack includes 12 cans of Heineken Original Lager plus 3 extra cans of Heineken 0.0 at no extra charge. The configuration suites traditional beer drinking occasions and provides consumers with the opportunity to sample Heineken Original Lager for occasions when alcohol is not desired, it adds. Heineken 0.0 is an alcohol-free lager brewed with a unique recipe for balanced taste, containing only 69 calories in each serving. This summer, beer drinkers can give Heineken 0.0 a try and enjoy the best of both options in the convenient 15-can multi-pack, the company says. The pack includes 12 Heineken Original Lager 12-ounce cans at 5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and 3 Heineken 0.0 Alcohol Free 11.2-ounce cans at 0.0 percent ABV.

To support the launch of the new pack through its “Summer of Cans” promotion at participating retailers, Heineken is offering a two-for-one upsell program where shoppers who purchase a 12-ounce Heineken Original Lager can will be prompted via LIFT screens at checkout to add an additional can at no extra charge.