British beverage company NICE released a new packaging format for its range of canned wines.

In addition to its 250-ml aluminum cans, NICE has added 187-ml can formats for its three wines to help it expand into the on-trade channel, it says. The new can size is being sourced from Ardagh.

“As soon as we knew Ardagh’s 187-ml can was on its way, we decided we wanted it to launch it as a range to target the on-trade channel,” said Jeremy May, co-founder of NICE, in a statement. “We like to lead, not follow, so we’re proud to be early adopters of this uniquely sized and specialized can.”

The technical specifications of Ardagh’s wine can range have been developed to protect the flavor and quality of wine and wine-based beverages, and the new 187-ml format, representing quarter of a standard 75-cl bottle, is the ideal volume for casual wine drinkers looking for a convenient single-serve option when out-and-about, according to the company.

“The 187ml format is the latest addition to our growing range of wine cans,” said Dirk Schwung, sales director at Ardagh Group’s European Metal Beverage division. “We aim to innovate to meet upcoming trends and anticipate customer needs, so we’re delighted that NICE have adopted it so quickly.”

Adding a second aluminum can size also is a positive environmental choice for NICE, it says The brand’s three French wines are all vegan, and their branding appeals to a demographic of young, conscious consumers for whom the origin, health and sustainability credentials of the drinks they choose are as essential as the taste, it adds.

“The 187-ml can offers a direct alternative to the 187-ml PET bottle that’s most common in the on-trade and gives customers who are looking to reduce single-use plastic an easy choice,” May said.

The company will offer the 187-ml NICE Wine Cans through the company’s online shop for trade customers for on-trade selling within the next week. After current social restrictions are lifted, the wines will be available across restaurant and theater groups, event spaces, sporting venues and the travel sector.